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House of Cheek

Specializing in Burlesque Events and performer opportunities on

Lekwungen Territory

House of Cheek is a production company, on Lekwungen Territory/Victoria BC, focussed on featuring the diversity of our world through burlesque and other performing arts forms. We are committed to building community, sex positivity, and creating inclusive environments. We give the spotlight to and create opportunities for performers that are often underrepresented in the performing arts and media, while creating conversation for allies.

We warmly welcome people from all walks of life into our space, with emphasis on creating a safe and inspiring experience for people of colour, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, Trans/non-binary/2spirit, Feminist, and sex positive communities. 

Other POC Centred Shows


a Night of Colourful Burlesque

Prepare to bask in the many shades of burlesque. Shade is an annual intersectional, sex positive, people of colour centered event, unlike anything else in Victoria. We create the space for performers of colour to bring their authentic selves to the stage, while creating conversation with the audience. Shade is a night filled with politics and truth, while celebrating the diversity of our world. Prepare for a roller coaster ride you'll never forget!

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