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victoria bc burlesque boudoir photograph
victoria bc burlesque boudoir photograph

It is my goal to make burlesque accessible and inclusive to any new faces, especially for performers of colour and underrepresented communities. When meeting with performers, I strive to create space for healthy discussions, exploration, and validation.  There is no one way to approach burlesque, and in knowing this, I help create burlesque growth in customized ways that work for each individual I meet with. If you are ready and excited to grow your burlesque, let's connect! I offer one free introductory consultation for anyone I have not worked with previously.


Ready to book? Book a session here!

All burlesque inquiries can be sent to

Professional Development:


*Sliding scale available upon request

A one-on-one session to connect and discuss burlesque! This is an opportunity to develop your general burlesque knowledge through shared resources and insights. If you have a goal or specific area you'd like to expand,  this is the perfect time to focus on tips and steps to help you reach your burlesque goals. Some ideas for discussion include:

  • Ways to get involved in burlesque

  • Tips for networking and connecting with producers & performers

  • Insights into the burlesque world

  • Money & business talk

  • Promotion & getting gigs

  • Producing tips & advice

  • Cultural awareness and performer responsibility

  • Finding your way in burlesque

  • Any other areas you'd like to discuss!


Contact me for mentorship opportunities & to discuss pricing options

Similar to consultations, mentorship is a more customized/personal hands on approach that looks at your own approach to your performance and the burlesque business. This time is used to help deconstruct and create a plan that works for you. As mentorship involves a deeper relationship and dedication, expect to meet more regularly on a basis that works mutually for both of us. Guidance is open to performers, whether they have already taken classes or are just beginning their journey. Mentorship includes act workshopping and consultations PLUS:

  • Check ins on your goals & personal progress

  • Networking opportunities & shared connections

  • Access to templates made & used by me for money tracking, act management, producing, emailing etc.

  • Access to my burlesque lending library with educational resources

Decolonizing Your Practice to Create Safer Spaces Consultations:


Are you looking to create a code of conduct, safer spaces policy, or perhaps looking for a full review of your production and business practices? As producers and community builders, safety, inclusion, and representation are often at the forefront of our mind. If you're looking for help to expand your practice with equity work, I'm happy to support you on your journey through a few options:

  • Consultation & feedback for creating an ethical code of conduct, EDI Workplan, or other policies

  • In-depth discussion on what's involved in equity work

  • Insights for how to genuinely work alongside and support marginalized communities

  • Recommendations and resource sharing to expand your consultation work with others

  • Advice on how to shift your budget to support intersectional representation

  • Self-reflection to build capacity and identify gaps in your productions/space

  • Ensuring equity work is a continual process in addition to other priorities

Act Workshopping:

$50/hr per session

*Sliding scale available upon request

*If a dance studio is required, it is the client's responsibility to book and cover studio costs

I hold monthly community peer reviews throughout the year (currently not available during Covid), but if you'd prefer a private session, I do those too! Private workshopping is an opportunity to look at your routines that may already exist or are brand new. This time can be used to brainstorm and create a solid foundation in your act creation process or deconstruct an already existing act to elevate it to the next level. 

With new acts, we...

  • Brainstorm act ideas & concepts

  • Expand on an idea to help build a deeper core or story to your routine

  • Brainstorm potential costuming & reveals

  • Work through ideas for choreography, movement, storytelling, etc

  • Navigate through any blocks you may have with this particular act

With already existing acts, we...

  • Deconstruct your act to find it's core

  • Discuss the evolution of your act currently and ways you want it to grow

  • Work through ideas to further develop choreography, movement, storytelling etc

  • Discuss the varying dynamics of the act regarding audience connection, staging, personal expression etc
  • Navigate through any blocks you may have with this particular act

  • Move through the act step by step for development

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