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I Want to Hear from You!

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Stage It Up!

Do you get your stage left and right mixed up? Do you have difficulty using the entire stage to your advantage? The stage is one of the biggest parts of our performance, yet it can be intimidating to get to know.


Coming full force with a theatre background, Cherry Cheeks will show you the ins and outs to owning your stage! Participants can expect to leave knowing the magic stage dynamics, to easily move their routines between various stages and be sure to use the WHOLE stage. She will demonstrate the different effects, pictures, and stories you can portray by the simplest placement while knowing how to use your fourth wall.

Fake It! (Till you make it)

Do you suffer from the inevitable “imposter syndrome?” Is confidence something you have trouble building on? Do you strive to build your persona and performance into ways that may…well…not come naturally to you? What if you were told that there are ways to fake it?! In this class, Cherry Cheeks will guide you through confidence building exercises to get you off the ground! Going from part theory into practice, you will learn to bring your A-game, even when you may not be feeling it. But it’s not all bogus! Eventually your practice can naturally build into genuine confidence that can flood into your life.

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