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Photos courtesy of

Moss PhotographyMKM Photography, Ian Babbitt, Nuttycake Photography, ECC Photography

Dream On

This sultry classic routine is for those trying to make their way. Follow Cherry as she explores her slow and beguiling side to break into bigger dreams. This routine is full of the classic bumps and grinds blended with the slow sultry tease we know of classic burlesque.

Somebody to Love

Are you looking for a high energy, audience involved routine? Well this is the gem for you! This classic routine is ALL about the audience and finding somebody to love. Cherry's intimate gaze, combined with her passion to reach every member in the audience, are what make this one of her most memorable routines. An audience favourite, this routine is guaranteed to make you fall in love with Cherry Cheeks!

Reign of the Jellyfish

Beginning as a mesmerizing blue light in the dark, the audience is quickly lured into one wet ride. Embodying one of her favourite creatures, the jellyfish, Cherry brings both quick reveals and flowing silks to make waves. Do you like what you sea? Get ready to be stung and pulled into this whirlpool!

Ticking Steam

Time passes by like the hands of a ticking clock. Tick...tock... Cherry creates a whimsical automoton piece with all the bells, whistles, and gears! Each layer reveals her inner workings and creates something truly worth waiting for. The big surprise at the end? Only time will tell...

Nature's Demise

Mother...Gaia...Earth...Goddess... This is the story of nature's demise. Using elements of story telling, this routine shows the pollution and damage we do to our planet. But in the end, Nature will always rebuild and overcome challenges.

Shedding the Ashes

Rising from the ashes of yesterday, this routine burns bright in the flames of today and tomorrow. With Cherry's rocker edge and typical Cheeky style, this Phoenix basks in her power. This was Cherry's debut act, and it continues to develop with her as she grows as a performer.